About Us

Have You Ever Asked Yourself...

"How can I make more fundraising money for my club or school?"

"How can I make my next corporate promotion fun for the whole family?"

"How can I give my son or daughter something they'll love and rave about?" 

Here's How Snowy Joey Helps You...

Snowy Joey is Australia's #1 kids party hire business.

Since 2006, Snowy Joey has raised over $100,000 cash for hundreds of local Aussie sports clubs and schools with our snow cone stands and fairy floss stands that kids love.

Customers such as Australia Zoo, Bunnings, Brisbane City Council, Zupps, Griffith University, Telstra and Arnott's all come to Snowy Joey for their promotions and fun days because of his great service and awesome hire packages.

Every year clubs and schools struggle to raise money to upgrade facilities, buy new sports equipment, go on team trips and the like. So Snowy Joey came up with a solution that works for any club or school, with a fundraiser that kids love - Snow Cones & Fairy Floss!

Snowy Joey's fundraising is FREE for local sports clubs and schools to support the goal Snowy Joey has of being able to raise as much money as possible for grassroots sport and the local community.

To maximize the value he provides, Snowy Joey put together simple, compact and attractive Snow Cone & Fairy Floss Fundraising Stands that are fun and add flair to any event. Kids love to have him at their carnivals!

Event Organizers are always surprised at the end of the day when Snowy Joey hands them his donation and they realize that they have just been able to raise hundreds of dollars without even having to do a thing.

It is the easiest fundraising money they have ever had to make!

Snowy Joey provides the following products and services:

  • Hire Packages with snow cones, fairy floss & popcorn that include everything you need to hand out your free promotional fun food, fundraise for yourself or hire for a birthday party!
  • Snow Cone Syrups for sale to businesses and individuals.
  • Fundraisers with snow cones, fairy floss & popcorn that help sports clubs and schools fundraise $1,000's every year with fun treats kids love!
  • 7-Day 'How To Start A Snow Cone Stand Business' Course for people who want to learn how to start a successful snow cone stand business!

Snowy Joey's motto is "doin it for the kids" with the vision that 1 little break dancing kangaroo can raise $1,000,000 for Aussie sports clubs and schools by 2020 with fun treats kids love, 1 serve at a time.

If you want to learn how to start your own successful snow cone business, signup for our free 4-part video course below...