Snow Cones vs Shaved Ice

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between snow cones and shaved ice? People who sell snow cones and shaved ice can be very picky over what their product is called, but is there really any difference?

Well, technically there is, and it depends on the whether the food vendor use a snow cone or shaved ice machine. A snow cone machine is generally much easier to use and crushes normal cubes of ice that you can get from the supermarket or petrol station. Once those ice cubes are crushed into snow, the result is a snow cone.

Shaved ice on the other hand uses a big block of ice that is frozen using an ice mold. A shaved ice machine then shaves the ice off the top of the block of ice to make a cup of shaved ice.

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But Is There Any Difference In Taste? 

Most people would argue that snow cones are generally more crunchier and the syrup doesn’t actually absorb into the snow cone, but that is incorrect. Depending on how cold the ice cubes are, a snow cone machine can crush the ice just as fine as a shaved ice machine. And if you ask a kid which one they prefer, they will probably say a snow cone, as that’s what they are known as all throughout Australia.

So, no need to be picky. No matter what you call it, snow cone and shaved ice treats are a perfect way to cool down. Here is a short film to remind you of the wonders of shaved ice and snow cones all the way from Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Hawaii. This is what you didn’t know you can do with shaved ice and snow cones.

Make sure you watch to 3:23. Classic :)

Want To Be A Shaved Ice Player?

Remember this little trick when you buy your next shaved ice at our snow cone stand! Shaved Ice get the beach girls every time, you just have to get your ‘shaved ice hustle’ on!

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What do you prefer to call it – Snow Cones or Shaved Ice? And what other differences are there that we have missed?

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