Snow Cone Machine Hire: How To Hire The Right Machine

Snow cone machine hire is a great way to raise funds at your event or hand out snow cones as freebies at corporate events. But not all snow cone machines are created equal.

A New, Innovative Snow Cone Machine Design

Snowy Joey were the first ever in Australia to come out with a completely crystal clear snow cone machine where kids can see the ice being shaved into snow from 360°.

Other snow cone machine bases are scattered with metal sides and pop rivets and it was time for a better solution.

Snowy Joey searched high and low for the perfect base to fit his stand, and in the end decided to get his own base made up to his own specifications!!

The result? A brand new snow cone machine base that is a perfect complement to Snowy Joey’s snow cone machine hire stands.

Yes! I Want To Hire A Snow Cone Machine Like This For My Event

Crystal Clear Snow Cone Machine Hire

You can see from the photo above that Snowy Joey’s snow cone bases are now 100% crystal clear…. no metal sides, no pop rivets, totally 100% clear.

From every angle you can now watch the ice being shaved into snow…. see it fall from the base of the Snow Cone Machine and watch it fluff up into fresh white snow ready to be scooped into a cup and have your favourite snow cone syrups added to it.

The kids are just mesmerised and think that it’s “awesome”.

A Snowy Joey crew member said:

“We couldn’t be happier with our new bases, the kids just love them and they are just so easy to clean and look after. They are a great addition to our already attractive and popular stall.”

Snowy Joey Crew Member

If you are interested in getting a snow cone machine hire for your next event, be sure to check out Snowy Joey’s snow cone hire packages.
Kids love it, Snowy Joey loves it! Even Snowy Joey’s neighbour loves it! Your patrons are guaranteed to love it too!

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