Sno Biz: Make $1,981 In 1 Day With Your Own Sno Biz

When Debbie and Melissa (mother and daughter) started their own Snowy Joey sno biz, they couldn’t believe it.

They made $1,981 sales in 1 day.

At their first ever event they sold 318 snow cones and 94 fairy floss at a small touch football carnival in Toowoomba.

By 12:30 midday Debbie and Melissa had already sold out of the 2 smallest sizes of snow cone cups.

How did they do it?

Sno Biz Owners: Debbie & Melissa Sullivan

Over the past few years Debbie had tried her hand at starting up a mobile organic food delivery business.

As Debbie tried to grow her business, she struggled with advertising and marketing to find high paying customers.

A couple of years later she came across Snowy Joey… a mobile snow cone stand business with a course to help business owners find high paying ($500+ per day) customers and events.

“I found exactly what I needed. A proven business concept with a proven marketing system so I could find high paying customers.”
Debbie Sullivan, Snowy Joey Business Owner

Armed with a Snowy Joey snow cone stand and this knowledge, Debbie and Melissa have gone on to attend 5 more $1,000+ snow cone events.

They learnt Snowy Joey’s 3-step system for finding and getting into high paying events, and now they have a strong customer base that trusts inviting them to their events every year.

Debbie loved the concept soo much, that they got a snow cone stand and fairy floss stand from Snowy Joey.

“I love how Snowy Joey keep everything so simple and help me find such awesome events! Plus… I get to have fun working outdoors with kids.”
Debbie Sullivan, Snowy Joey Business Owner

If you want to earn over $1,000 per day selling snow cones like Debbie and Melissa, enjoy working outdoors and love kids, follow the steps below to learn the skills you need to start your own successful snow cone stand business like Debbie & Melissa…

Step 1… Enrol in the Snowy Joey 7-Day ‘How To Start A Snow Cone Stand Business’ Course

Step 2… Complete the course

Step 3… Get the free course bonuses

7-Day ‘How To Start A Snow Cone Stand Business’ Course

If you want to learn more about exactly what’s in the 7-day course, click here or call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299.

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