Shaved Ice Syrups: Snowy Joey Syrups Vs Party Supply Companies

I was asked this question the other day…

What is the difference between Snowy Joey shaved ice syrups vs regular party supply companies?

Here is my 5 part answer:

#1 – Snowy Joey Specialises In Premium Shaved Ice Syrups

Regular party supply companies sell shaved ice syrups, but that’s not what they “specialise in” doing.

They also hire marquees, costumes, tables and other party supplies.

How can you make premium quality shaved ice syrups when it is not your core business?

Snowy Joey has specialised in making shaved ice syrups for the past 10 years.

Yes! I Want Some Snowy Joey Shaved Ice Syrups

#2 – Snowy Joey Runs His Own Shaved Ice Stand Using His Own Syrups

Snowy Joey fundraises for hundreds of local Aussie clubs and schools, and is approached by big Aussie companies to operate shaved ice hire stands for company parties and sales promotions.

At all of these events, Snowy Joey uses exactly the same shaved ice syrups in his own shaved ice stand, that he sells to the public.

#3 – Snowy Sells To Hundreds Of Customers Around Australia

As well as local businesses and individuals, big iconic Aussie companies like Bunnings, Australia Zoo, Qld Reds, Griffith University, QUT, Zupps, Specsavers and Telstra trust Snowy Joey shaved ice syrups for their fun days and promotions.

Here is a case study from Bunnings Warehouse

#4 – Snowy Joey Syrups “Soak Into The Ice”

1 big problem with regular party supply company shaved ice syrups is that the syrups sink straight to the bottom of the cup when you pour them into the ice.

Snowy Joey shaved ice syrups “soak into the ice”, so you get the full amount of flavour with every bite.

#5 – 100% Natural Shaved Ice Syrups

Regular party supply companies usually just sell 4-5 syrup flavours including Cola, Blue Lemonade, Raspberry, Lime and Pineapple with all artificial colours and flavours.

Snowy Joey have all those standard syrup flavours and 20+ more.

As a bonus however, you can get shaved ice syrups that are 100% natural and organic (made with natural colours and flavours, and no artificial sweeteners).

Here is how to do it…

Step 1… Go to the Snowy Joey Snow Cone Syrups product page

Step 2… Pick from your choice of Fun Flavours, Cocktail Flavours and Natural Flavours on the list of syrup flavours

These kids can’t be wrong…

Are you convinced?

Buy My Snowy Joey Shaved Ice Syrups Now

If you have any questions about how our shaved ice syrups compare to others in the market you can call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299.

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