7 Most Profitable School Fete Fundraising Ideas

School Fetes are often schools biggest fundraiser.

School and fete committees need to think hard about which stalls and attractions will be the most popular, and thus generate the most profit for their school.

This can be done by brainstorming potential school fete fundraising ideas by involving committee members and drawing on their school fete fundraising experience, or….

With Snowy Joey’s 7 most profitable school fete fundraising ideas that are sure to be massive profit spinners at your next school fete!

7 Most Profitable School Fete Fundraising Ideas

‘Haunted House’ Attraction

Design your own make-shift Haunted House attraction with eerie walkways and dark passages. Get students wearing scary outfits and masks to pop out and spook people as they walk through. Have a few buckets of slimy goo at the start where kids can put their hands in and fetch a prize (eeeewwww!).

‘Throw The Coin’ Stall

Guests need to land a $1 coin on various plates in order to win the prize on that plate. Put a $100 note on some of the ‘harder’ plates to really get the crowd going! You can also do this with chocolate – people toss a coin and if they can get it to land on a block of chocolate, it’s theirs to keep (this is called ‘Lob-A-Choc’)

Tin-Can Alley

People use a small ball to try and knock over all of the tin cans that are stacked on top of each other for a huge cash prize.

‘Hook A Duck’ Stall

Who can resist trying to hook the elusive duck? Remember to offer big cash prizes and incentives to lure people in (no pun intended).

‘Dunk-A-Teacher’ Stall

Allocate times throughout the day for various teachers to take the ‘hot seat’ so kids can come up and dunk their favourite teacher into a massive tub of water. Students won’t be able to resist getting in on the action for great school fete fundraising ideas like this one.

Penalty Shootout Attraction

If participants are able to kick the ball through one of the holes in the board, they win a fabulous prize.

Snow Cone & Fairy Floss Stall

For some reason, no matter what other foods are being sold at the school fete, snow cones and fairy floss are always 1 of the most popular with kids and best school fete fundraising ideas (rain, hail or shine).

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