Popcorn Hire Gets Telstra 500 Families In-Store In 3 Hours

Hailey O’Brien, rockstar Marketing Consultant for The Telstra Store Helensvale knew how popular our popcorn was at attracting new Telstra customers in-store.

It was after her colleague Julie Pidgeon hired a Popcorn machine for her Telstra Store at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast that she realised how successful it was as a marketing tool.

The result: in 3 hours we handed out 500 free cups of popcorn to hungry Westfield shopping customers.

Popcorn Hire Gets Telstra 500 Families In-Store In 3 Hours

Every bag of Popcorn we handed out had a sticker on it advertising Telstra Store Helensvale’s current in-store promotion.

This allowed the Telstra Store owner to get an extra 500 eyeballs on the stores new “$300 FREE” promotion.

Not to mention hundreds of extra foot traffic coming through the store, with parents checking out new Telstra phones and phone plans as their kids lined up for a free cup of Popcorn (inside the store).

Here is what Hailey O’Brien (Telstra Marketing Consultant) had to say at the end of the Telstra Store Kawana event…


Our goal was simple: hand out popcorn to customers who come in store.

We provided the:
– Popcorn Machine (including all of the supplies to make 500)
– 2 Operators
– Delivery & Pickup (to Helensvale, Gold Coast)

Everything was taken care of with 1 popcorn hire package.

And the lifetime value of 1 new customer on the $49/month plan easily paid for the whole cost of the hire.

“Win-Win” for the Telstra Store and Westfield Helensvale families!

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