Party Hire Ipswich: Make $1,260 In 5 Hours With This 1 School Fete Idea

Springfield Central State School held their 1st EVER School Fete on the weekend.

Thanks to Rebecca Evans (the school’s P&C President and Music Teacher), it was a huge success!

6 months before the School Fete Rebecca was looking for school fete ideas and booked us to supply our 5 hour Skippy Hire Package.

This package included unlimited regular serves of Snow Cones and Fairy Floss, with 1 operator for 5 hours.

The school supplied their own price signs, cash float and volunteers to take the money.

Snowy Joey supplied the rest!

Here is how we made Springfield Central SS in Ipswich $1,260 in 5 hours…

Party Hire Ipswich: How Springfield Central State School Made $1,260 In 5 Hours At The School Fete

On the day our experienced operator sold 245 Snow Cones and 175 Fairy Floss at $3 each, on behalf of the school, so a total of 420 serves!

Gross takings were $1,260 and the hire fee was $580, which resulted in a profit of $680 from our stalls!!

What did they need to do to get such a great profit?

They just…

1) Called us on 0433 617 299
2) Booked the Skippy Hire Package
3) Provided us with all the event details
4) Paid the hire fee
5) Organised the cash float
6) Organised volunteers to take the money
7) Let us do all the hard setup, pack-up and snow cone/fairy floss making work!

Rebecca and the rest of the P&C Committee were delighted with everything and all said they would definitely be in touch again for any of their future events.

Here is what Rebecca Evans (P&C President) had to say at the end of the School Fete…

party hire ipswich

If you are looking for a fundraising hire package for your next School Fete like Springfield Central State School, here is how you can do it:

Step 1… Download a Snowy Joey Hire Pricing Sheet

Step 2… Pick the “Skippy” Hire Package to get 2 fun foods for your event

Step 3… Call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299 and say you want the “Skippy” Hire Package with snow cone machine hire and fairy floss machine hire

Get My Hire Pricing Sheet Now

If you have already got a Hire Pricing Sheet, call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299 to get the same Hire Package as Springfield Central State School.

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