How To Make Snow Cones At Home

Do you want to know how to make snow cones that are cooler than the outstretched pinky of an eskimo sipping a Frosty snow cone in a snow storm?

Have you seen the Snow Cone stands at your local footy, sporting club, markets & festivals and thought, “wouldn’t it be great to have that at home”?

Well you can and here is what you will need and the steps that you will need to take on how to make snow cones at home.

How To Make Snow Cones: Ingredients

1) Snow Cone Machine…. Basically a motor with blades that shave the ice into snow. You can get non-commercial home use machines at places like Target, Big W & KMart, usually in the lead up to the summer months.

Snowy Joey may be able to supply you with basic hand crank Snow Cone Machines for as little as $50 and the powered machines for around $90… Interested then ask us for more info!!

2) Ice…. Some Snow Cone Machines come with ice molds, for others you can just freeze water into ice cubes and use that. Be sure to check your Snow Cone Machines instructions.

3) Syrups…. Make sure that you get some “real” snow cone syrups, it tastes much better than using cordial or other substitutes. The snow cone syrups have been especially formulated for snow cones, so they will sit better on the ice and taste MUCH better.

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4) Cups…. You can use the real Cone shaped cups or just cups that you have at home. Make sure that they’re insulated, or have a handle otherwise your hands will go cold from holding the frozen ice in the cup!

5) Spoon Straws…. Makes eating a Snow Cone so much more exciting… sip a bit, eat a bit… sip a bit, eat a bit…. you get the idea!!

How To Make Snow Cones: Instructions

1) Get your ice and put it into the ice compartment of your Snow Cone Machine

2) Start up your Snow Cone Machine. Be sure to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions on how best to operate the machine, including all of the safety instructions

3) You will generally need to apply some pressure to the ice to push it through the blades

4) Put your snow (shaved ice) into a cup

5) Pour on your selected syrups

6) Add your spoon straw and you are ready to EAT YOUR SNOW CONE!

How To Make Snow Cones: Tips & Tricks


  • Suck the syrup & ice water out of the cup quickly or you’ll get a brain freeze!!
  • Add too many flavours to your Snow Cone, unless you really have to! All the flavours will get mixed together & you won’t be sure what you’re tasting!


  • Use your straw to drink the Snow Cone but also bite the top of your Snow Cone too or you might suck out all of the syrup & water and be left with a solid chunk of frozen ice!
  • Make sure that you have plenty of ice ready to go in the freezer for those hot summer days!!
  • Take a stroll around the neighborhood to show off your newly made SNOW CONE!!

If you just want to get in the pros, and not worry about how to make snow cones yourself, Snowy Joey has snow cone hire packages for private parties!

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