How To Make Fairy Floss Without A Fairy Floss Machine

Are you a hardcore fairy floss lover? Do you know how to make fairy floss without a fairy floss machine? If you don’t and want to learn how, keep reading… you’re in for a real treat!

All you need to do is stretch and fold cooked sugar while continuously dusting with corn flour to keep the fairy floss strands from sticking together (a bit like making handemade noodles!)

Check out this amazing video (8 minutes) on how to make fairy floss without a fairy floss machine…

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How To Make Fairy Floss: No Machine Required!


1kg Sugar, 100g Corn Syrup (Golden Syrup also works), 5g vinegar, 500g water


Step 1: Pour all of the ingredients into a large pot in the order listed above, making sure to pour the water around the sugar

Step 2: Cook from 0 to 133ºC (bringing the temperature up slowly) for 20-25 minutes. If you have a conventional stove top, try medium high or high heat and just watch it closely

Step 3: When it’s boiling DON’t stir it (that will increase the chances of it crystalizing). Take a wet brush and wipe the crytals downs off the side of the pot

Step 4: Let it cool down to around 100ºC and then pour the cooked sugar into small containers (the size of a hockey puck). Pour enough in each container so it is about twice as thick as a regular hockey puck

Step 5: Let the containers sit until they are completely cool

Step 6: Pop the fairy floss candy base (hockey puck) out of the container (gently squeeze the container as you rotate it… patience young grasshopper)

Step 7: Pour a little bit of oil over the fairy floss candy base to stop it from sticking to your hands and then use your thumbs and forefingers to mold the puck into a donut shape (making sure it is an even thickness all the way round)

Step 8: Lay some corn flour on a bench and dip your cooked sugar donut into it, then keep pulling it slowly until the donut gets bigger and bigger

Step 9: Keep dipping it into your corn flour at regular intervals as you pull it bigger, and stop once your donut is about half the size of a car wheel

Step 10: Now you have 1 stand. Fold it into a figure 8 and then with both your hands over the 2 strands keep your front hand still, while the back hand pulls and stretches the strands to become bigger

Step 11: Keep switching hands while making the sure the bottom of your candy always stays in your corn flour mixture

Step 12: Once your 2 strands are long enough, make another figure 8 and repeat with 4 strands, doing this 14 times in total until you have 16,384 strands!

Done. Break it apart, wear it as a moustache, eat it and have fun with it!

Different Types

Chinese – Dragon’s Beard

Persian – Pashmak

Turkish – Pishmaniye

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