How To Make Fairy Floss Flavour In 2 Simple Steps

Fairy floss aka ‘cotton candy’ is a delicious treat you can make at home. And the best way to get great tasting fairy floss is to make great tasting fairy floss flavour.

Use the ingredients and follow the instructions below, and you’ll be making your own fairy floss flavour in no time!

Fairy Floss Flavour Ingredients

  1. Flossine (concentrated fairy floss flavour)
  2. Graded Sugar


  • Flossine comes in different colours and flavours, so you don’t just have to make original pink (vanilla flavoured fairy floss) if you don’t want to
  • Sugar can be purchased from your local supermarket and Flossine can be purchased from Snowy Joey

Fairy Floss Flavour Instructions

  1. To make up the Fairy Floss flavours you use 1kg of sugar & 1 heaped tablespoon (15g) of Flossine

  2. Mix the flossine and sugar together with your hand or a large spoon, and you’re done!


  • About 10g of this sugar/flossine mixture will make a Small Fairy Floss; 20g a Medium and 30g a Huge Fairy Floss
  • 1kg of sugar will make about 50 Fairy Floss (working on a 20g or medium serve)
  • The Flossine comes in 434g jars (nothing smaller). 1 heaped tablespoon of Flossine is equivalent to about 15g, so from a 434g jar you can make about 29, 1kg batches. Which is equivalent to about 1,450 Fairy Floss!

Making fairy floss flavour is really quite easy. After making up a few batches, you’ll be a pro in no time. Go out, get those ingredients and give it a go!

Snowy Joey has a range of the most colourful and delicious fairy floss flavours available when you hire him for your next event.

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