How To Make Fairy Floss Like A Boss

So you’ve seen the Fairy Floss machines and stands out at your local community events, markets, fetes & festivals and thought, “that’d be a great fundraiser for the kids at our next event”!

You’re right! Hiring a fairy floss machine for your club or school event is a great way to put more money back into your club or school fundraising account. You pay a flat rate for the hire and sell the fairy floss to keep all of the sales for your club or school.

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But just hiring a fairy floss machine isn’t enough. What else do you need? And what’s the best way to make the fairy floss?

How To Make Fairy Floss: Ingredients

1) Fairy Floss Machine…. Consists of 3 basic parts – a fairy floss base, fairy floss bowl and fairy floss dome. If you want to make fairy floss without a fairy floss machine, check out how to make fairy floss without a fairy floss machine.

2) Fairy Floss Sticks…. The best type of fairy floss sticks to use are cone shaped paper fairy floss sticks as the cone shaped design allows you to spin the fairy floss onto the stick with ease. As the operator, it is also easier on your wrists.

3) Flossine…. The technical word for “Concentrated Fairy Floss Flavour”.  This concentrated fairy floss flavour powder gets mixed with sugar to make the fairy floss mixture that gets poured into the top of the fairy floss machine. Once poured in, the flavoured sugar will heat up in the fairy floss machine and magically come out as fairy floss.

There are so many fairy floss flavours to choose from including pink vanilla, blue raspberry, green apple, purple grape, etc, etc. Go here for how to make great tasting fairy floss flavour.

4) Sugar…. But not just any old sugar. The best type of sugar to use is Graded Sugar. This is because Caster Sugar and other types of sugar are more granular, leading to more waste and less fairy floss being churned out.

How To Make Fairy Floss: Instructions

1) Before you even start to use the Fairy Floss Machine, make sure you have enough Flossine and Sugar pre-mixed and ready to go

2) Setup your Fairy Floss Machine by placing the fairy floss bowl and dome onto the top of the fairy floss machine base. There should be some small latches on the side of the fairy floss machine base that you need to hook onto the fairy floss bowl so it doesn’t move around

3) Plug the Fairy Floss Machine into any normal 240V power outlet and start the machine. There should 1 button for the power and 1 button for the heat. You need to turn both of these ON. Some fairy floss machines may have a dial so you can adjust the temperature of the heat to what you want.

4) Use a fairy floss scoop or small cup to carefully pour some fairy floss flavouring into the head of the fairy floss machine

5) Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the fairy floss flavouring to heat up, and for the fairy floss machine to start spitting out fairy floss from the sides on the head of the fairy floss machine

6) Grab a fairy floss stick and using your 2 hands and your wrists spin the stick in a circular motion to get the fairy floss to slowly wrap around the fairy floss stick. SERVE IT UP!

How To Make Fairy Floss: Tips & Tricks


  • Touch the head of the fairy floss machine with the fairy floss scoop while it is spinning, otherwise you’ll hear a sharp clunking noise!!
  • Touch the head of the fairy floss machine with your hands just after you turning it off. It will still be hot, so let it cool down first!


  • Add 2 or more scoops of fairy floss flavouring one after another to create your own amazing fairy floss creation!
  • Clean the fairy floss machine properly at the end by leaving the power and heat switches on as you spray water into the head of the fairy floss machine to remove any stuck on sugar!!

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