Halloween Party Ideas Fun For The Whole Community

Awesome Profitable Themed Events!

Want to bring more fun to your events without it costing you anything or maybe even making a profit?

Warner Lakes wanted to give back to the community at their Halloween Movie Night.

They had free face painting and a witch with Magic Tricks.

Linda also organised for Snowy Joey to come along with our Snow Cones, Fairy Floss & Popcorn.

They wanted 1 operator to sell our Regular sizes for 3 hours for a total hire cost of $510.

Halloween Party Ideas: How To Make $357 (Without Trick-Or-Treating)

We decided on the following discounted selling prices:

Snow Cones = $3 each
Popcorn = $3 each
Fairy Floss = $3 (1 flavour), $4 (2 flavours), $5 (3 flavours)

Linda had no idea on the numbers to expect on the night…

But being a warm night numbers were higher than expected and all products were popular.

Especially the Popcorn!

Final sales figures were:

Snow Cones (19 sold) = $57
Popcorn (146 sold) = $438
Fairy Floss (93 sold) = $372

So a total of $867!

Minus the hire fee of $510, this left a profit of $357 on the night for Warner Lakes Community Group.

Warner Lakes benefited by having our fun foods there for their customers to enjoy at discounted prices.

Their customers benefited by being able to buy our products at prices below what they would usually sell for.

Our Themed setups looked amazing and added to the fun and atmosphere of the night!

Here is what Linda Hansen (Stalls & Activities Coordinator at Warner Lakes Community Group) had to say at the end of the Halloween Movie Night…

halloween party ideas

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