Fundraising Ideas: How To Fundraise $850 In 1 Day

Great Day.

Huge Fundraising Profits!

Ronda Romano, the School Fair Organiser at St Oliver Plunkett Catholic School in Cannon Hill was looking around for some great fundraising ideas for the school fair.

In the end, Ronda hired us to sell Fairy Floss and Popcorn to raise money at their Annual School Spring Fair.

Ronda decided on the Skippy Hire Package for a cost of $635, with:

  • 6 Hours Serving Time
  • Unlimited Serves
  • 1 Operator

    Ronda wasn’t sure about the pricing for the fairy floss and popcorn.

    Initially her suggestions were:

    – $3 for the Popcorn
    – $3.50 for a Small Fairy Floss
    – $5 for a Large Fairy Floss

    With some helpful suggestions from Snowy Joey it was decided this would be better:

    – $3 for the Popcorn
    – $3 for 1 flavour of Fairy Floss
    – $4 for 2 flavours of Fairy Floss
    – $5 for 3 flavours of Fairy Floss

    How St Oliver Plunkett School Fundraised $850 In 1 Day (With 1 Fundraising Idea)

    On the day Ronda supplied a volunteer to take the money.

    While Amy (our operator) made the fairy floss and popcorn.

    We sold 319 Fairy Floss and 73 Popcorn.

    The school brought in over $1,500 from the sale of the Fairy Floss and Popcorn!

    Minus our hire fee of $635, Ronda made a profit of over $850 in 1 day for her school.

    What did Ronda have to do…. just call us, book us, supply power and that’s it!!

    No running around trying to find volunteers…

    To man the stand.

    Or source machines and supplies.

    Too easy!

    The fairy floss was particularly popular.

    Here is what Ronda Romano (School Fair Organiser) had to say at the end of the Annual Spring Fair…


    “Whenever a kid walked around the school with one of those giant fairy floss sticks it created a huge amount of envy and excitement so they generated their own product advertising!

    Having a range of sizes and flavours worked really well and got repeat business as kids were keen to come back to try the different flavours.

    Overall we are really happy with the service we got. From bringing a cash float to a pop up tent and everything else that your service provided really made it hassle free for us. The biggest problem was deciding which flavours to try!”



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