Finger Food Freebies For 500 QUT Law Students In-Between Lectures

QUT School of Law wanted some fun foods.

To give to their students for FREE at their Wellness Day.  

It was decided that Snowy Joey would supply all 3 of our Fun Foods…

Snow Cones, Fairy Floss & Popcorn!

Due to problems with access to power outside.

We were setup in the QUT Law Library and the students loved it!!

So much so that Edwina organized for us to come back again in October for a 2nd Wellness Day at the Uni.

How The QUT School of Law Students Got Over 500 Fun Finger Food Freebies

The package that was chosen at both events was our BIG RED Package

Unlimited sample serves of Snow Cones, Fairy Floss & Popcorn.

With 2 operators for 3 hours serving time!  

QUT wanted a 2nd operator so that lines would not be too long.

As students were collecting their free goodies in-between lectures!

Again, setup was in the Law Library.

And students commented on how they found us by following the delicious smell of the cooked popcorn as it wafted throughout the library.

We handed out OVER 500 serves at each event!  

Here is what Edwina Wong See (Administration Service Officer at QUT School of Law) had to say at the end of the Wellness Day…

finger food

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