Fairy Floss & Snow Cone Fundraiser That Made 1 Netball Club $3,280 In 1 Season

One day I was on the phone to the President of Western Districts Netball Association in Brisbane about bringing fairy floss and snow cones to the club for the kids, and as a fundraiser.

Barry (the President) explained to me that they had over 2,000 kids at their events every week but they were already utilising the service of another mobile snow cone vendor for the past 7 years who was giving them 20% of their sales.

Barry asked for a summary of the existing snow cone vendors sales figures for the past few weeks of events, but the vendor would not supply them.

Barry was curious as to why the donation given back to the club was about the same each week, when some weeks they should have been receiving more, given the long lines of people queuing up to buy the snow cones.

How 1 Netball Club Got $3,280 Fundraising Cash In 1 Season

In the end, Barry cancelled the current snow cone vendor’s contract (even though the vendor offered to give them 25% of the sales to keep them).

He contacted me and asked how my service works. We came to an arrangement for donating $1 per serve from every snow cone and fairy floss sold, with a $2,000 fundraising guarantee.

Over the proceeding year, we raised the most fundraising money for any club or school ever, over our 10 years running this business.

$3,280 cash in 1 season.

Here is what Paula Sale (the Treasurer) at Western Districts Netball had to say…

Unfortunately my finger was covering the microphone during the video so there is no sound, but here is what Paula said while waving the cash in the air…

“We booked Snowy Joey for our whole netball season and they raised $3,280 cash for our club. That money is going to support our Representative Netball program”

In addition, here is what Barry Morssinkhof (President) had to say about our fundraising offer…

Why are snow cones and fairy floss so popular at Western Districts Netball Association?

1. Fairy Floss Sprinkles. Girls play netball and girls love the free ‘hundreds-and-thousands’ sprinkles we put on top of our fairy floss.

2. Special ‘Shaved Ice Machine’. The snow cones we make are more akin to finely shaved ice with the syrup soaking into the ice (the girls love that).

3. 100% Natural Syrup Flavours. Parents want their girls to have a healthy option, so we developed our own line of 100% Natural snow cone syrup flavours.

4. Fun Atmosphere. All of our snow cone machines have been custom made so the girls can see the ice being shaved into snow and all the syrup being poured onto their snow cone, adding to the fun of the whole day.

5. Guaranteed Per Serve Donation. We donated $1 per serve sold back to the club and allowed a dedicated representative from the club to count the cups sold before and after so there was no doubt how much actually got sold (there are no other mobile food vendors who offer such a high per serve donation). Here are a full list of our new fundraising offers where we offer $0.50 – $1.50 per serve donations.

If you want to add these 5 fun factors to your club and school sports event, we now have a Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer that includes everything we offered to Western Districts Netball Club.

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Here is how you can get the same fundraising offer as Western Districts Netball Association…

Step 1… Download the Snowy Joey Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer

Step 2… Invite Snowy Joey’s snow cone and fairy floss stands to all of your season’s weekly fixtures, carnivals, special events and presentation days

Step 3… Let us know approx. how many kids will be at your events to see which of our per serve donations you qualify for

If you want to get thousands of dollars in fundraising cash like the Western Districts Netball Association, download the Snowy Joey Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer below and reply with a list of all your season’s events.

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If you have already got a new Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer, call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299 to get this free fundraising offer.

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