Fairy Floss: How To Giveaway 500 Fairy Floss In 5 Hours Like Griffith University

500 Fairy Floss in 5 hours.

That’s how many fairy floss Griffith University gave away for free at their Nathan Campus Show Day.

Not to mention, an extra 300 more snow cones and 300 popcorn in that same time.


Griffith University love to celebrate their students and provide lots of fun with events all throughout the year.

Here is a list of the different events Griffith University hire Snowy Joey fairy floss, snow cones and popcorn for:

– Campus Show Days
– Open Days
– Chill Out Days
– End Of Semester Wild West Parties
– St Patrick’s Day
– O-Week Market Days

Fairy Floss Are Uni Students Favourite

When Griffith University promote their events with free fairy floss, snow cones and popcorn… guess what happens?

Students love their university and love to be part of the culture.

Students love the fairy floss soo much that Griffith University called on Snowy Joey (Brisbane’s leading fairy floss machine hire provider) to bring in 2 fairy floss machines and 3 operators to hand out 500 fairy floss in 5 hours.

As the event drew to a close, all 500 fairy floss got handed out.

Here is what Holly Ruhle (Event Coordinator at Griffith University) had to say…

Holly and the team at Griffith University have been soo happy with the speed and service of Snowy Joey’s hire operators that they have booked Snowy Joey for their events ever since 2010!

If you want to hand out hundreds of fairy floss, snow cones and popcorn in a short amount of time at your next event like Griffith University, here is how you can do it:

Step 1… Go to the Snowy Joey Hire Packages product page

Step 2… Pick the “3 Fun Foods for 5 Hours” Hire Package to get snow cones, fairy floss and popcorn for your event

Book My Hire Package Now

If you have any questions about how we help cater for Griffith University events, call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299.

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