Australian Fundraising Idea Makes Kids Smile And Makes Club $350 In 1 Day

It is rare to come across a fundraiser where…

1. You don’t have to pay a minimum to order product

2. You get donated fundraising money, with no other obligations

3. The kids all love it!

But that is the exact type of fundraiser we came up with at Snowy Joey.

Here is a case study of how 1 of Queensland’s biggest junior football clubs use this fundraiser at their events…

Australian Fundraising Idea: Snow Cone & Fairy Floss Fundraiser

Since 2006, Snowy Joey has setup it’s snow cone and fairy floss stands at 1000’s of events all over Australia.

When 1 of the biggest junior football clubs in Queensland (Loganholme Lightning) found out how much kids loved the snow cones and fairy floss at their 4 junior football carnivals during the season, they booked Snowy Joey for their end-of-season Junior Presentation Day.

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Initially they were hesitant, concerned about the snow cones taking away from their canteen slushie sales.

But all their concerns were put to rest when Mikela Bonomi (the Assistant Canteen Coordinator) found out how much money Loganholme Lightning received in 1 day at their Junior Presentation Day from the snow cone and fairy floss stands…

$350 in 1 day.

At 1 event.

The snow cones and fairy floss made more fundraising money for the club, than the canteen slushie machine did (with no volunteer assistance).

Since that event Snowy Joey have gone on to donate over $100,000 cash to local Aussie sports clubs and schools across all of their events.

But there is 1 thing more important than the fundraising money.

The real reason Loganholme Lightning book Snowy Joey snow cone and fairy floss stands for their events every year is this…

If you want to give your kids the funnest fundraiser at your next sports carnival or junior presentation day like Loganholme Lightning, download the Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer below and see how much Snowy Joey can fundraise for you.

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If you have already got a Fun Foods Fundraising Flyer, call Rosanne (the owner) on 0433 617 299 to book your event.

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