5 Fast Facts About Snowy Joey Snow Cones And Fairy Floss

Why wouldn’t you run a snow cones and fairy floss fundraiser with all these fun facts?

Snow Cones And Fairy Floss: 5 Fast Facts

#1 – You Get Free Fundraising Money

At every event Snowy Joey attends, he donates a large proportion from every snow cone and fairy floss he sells back to local clubs and schools (from 50 cents per serve).

Last year he donated $100,000 cash to local Aussie clubs, schools, P&C and sports committees.

Do you want to see how much funds he can raise for your club or school?

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#2 – Kids Love The Sour Power

Ohhhh! Yum. At every event Snowy Joey brings Super Sour Tubes that kids love to put all over the top of their snow cones. And FREE Sour Balls that’ll knock kids socks off!

Plus, there are free rainbow sprinkles aka ‘hundreds-and-thousands’ for fairy floss lovers.

#3 – Snowy Joey Invented The “Avalanche” Snow Cone In Australia

Snowy Joey invented the “Avalanche” snow cone in Australia (the biggest snow cone you have ever seen).

In Columbia snow cones are called “Raspados”, in Pakistan – “Gola”, in India – “Juski”, in Malaysia and Singapore – “Ice Kachangs”, in Cuba – “Granizados”, in Puerto Rico – “Piragua” and in the Dominican Republic – “Frío Frío”.

See a complete list here.

#4 – Snowy Joey Syrups Enhance Kids Performance By 77.82%

Rumour on the street is that Snowy Joey syrup flavours have the ability to increase kids performance by 77.82% – Now that’s performance!

Plus, Snowy Joey has a ‘100% Natural’ range of syrups for parents who want to put organic snow cones in the hands of their kids.

#5 – 200,000+ Thirsty Kids Love Snowy Joey Snow Cones

Over 200,000 thirsty kids have consumed a Snowy Joey snow cone since 2006. These kids can’t be wrong…

Are you convinced?

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