Snow Cones Around The World – 35 Different Ways To Say ‘Snow Cone’

You didn’t even know snow cones were a global industry! Shame on you. It’s called the ‘Snow Cone’ or ‘Shaved Ice’ Industry and kids from every corner of the globe are hailing it, while nagging their Mum for one of those rainbow coloured ones (C’mon Mum!).

One of the simplest possible summer treats is popping it’s head up in countries all over the world. Snow Cones or whatever you like to call them are present across all our 7 continents.

Countries in North America have gourmet restaurants that whip up playful and ambitious snow cone recipes and designs for their new cosmopolitan menus. Whereas in South Asia and Africa, snow cones are considered a low-cost summer treat.

No matter where you are in the world though, there’s sure to be a snow cone near you, just waiting to tantalize your taste buds!

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Snow Cone: A Truly International Gourmet Delight

Every country has there own unique name for the humble snow cone. Next time you’re in the area make sure you go and get a ‘Ice Gola’ off one of the many “Gola wallahs” in India. Or if you are in Mexico, get a ‘Raspa’ with fresh fruit, condensed milk and chili powder (yep, we said chili powder!). Make sure to send us a postcard :)

Here is a quick look at how snow cones are named around the World:



USA & Canada

‘Sno Balls’ or ‘Snow Cones’

Mexico & Nicaragua

‘Raspa’ or ‘Raspados’


‘Shave Ice’


‘Gola ganda’ (گولا گنڈ)


‘Ice Gola’ or ‘Chuski’

Malaysia & Singapore

‘Ice Kacangs’

Spain & Cuba



‘Barad’ (ברד)

Puerto Rico


Dominican Republic

‘Frío Frío’ (Cold Cold)










 ‘Nam Kang Sai’ (น้ำแข็งไส)


‘Kakigōri’ (かき氷)


‘Patbingsu’ (팥빙수)


‘Bàobīng’ (刨冰)

El Salvador



 ‘Cremolada’ or ‘Raspadilla’




‘Mermelda Con Hielo’ (Ice Jam)

Costa Rica

‘Granizados’ or ‘Copos’ or ‘Churchills’








‘Raspada’ or ‘Cholado’

Caribbean Islands

‘Snow Ball’

Note: If you call it a ‘Snow Cone’ instead of a ‘Sno Ball’ in New Orleans, USA you could get killed (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Let us know how many types of snow cones you’ve had (and if you haven’t had them all, be sure to put it on your bucket list)!

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If you know the name of ‘snow cones’ in any other country around the world that we haven’t listed, drop us a line. We’d love to add it to our ‘snow cone list’.

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