Fairy Floss Vendors: 2 Creative Ways To Spin Fairy Floss

Fairy floss is one of everyone’s favourite pastimes, enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Not just the taste, but the whole spectacle of watching the floss suddenly spin out of the top of the vendors fairy floss machine and onto the stick.

People are just mesmerized by how a machine could possibly do that, and can’t take their eyes off it.

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But what happens when you take it up a level, and start getting really creative with fairy floss? You get crazy creations that people love and have never been seen before in their life. Take a look at these 2 videos that really put the ‘boss’ in ‘floss boss’!

Dancing Man Fairy Floss Vendor

Check out this street fairy floss vendor in Russia who whips up mickey mouse fairy floss heads (they look a bit like Snowy Joey’s head) to the smooth beat of Michael Jackson.

You can tell he’s a kids favourite. This custom made fairy floss machine is crazy cool, as are the dance moves! All I really want to say is… he spins a mean floss!

Flower Fairy Floss Vendor

Usually customers are impressed when they receive a huge round fairy floss in their hand in Australia. But you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Watch as this fairy floss vendor in China spins his cotton candy into a kick ass multi-coloured flower.

Did you enjoy these magical floss creations? Do you want to see more? Don’t fret, because Snowy Joey’s ‘floss bosses’ are trained in the fine art of floss making.

Book Snowy Joey for your events and let us know what type of fairy floss you want – Dancing Man Floss, Flower Floss, or whatever else you can think of. Snowy Joey will give it his best shot!

Get My Fairy Floss Hire Pricing Sheet Now

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