1st Birthday Ideas: Snow Cones, Fairy Floss & Popcorn Hire

Your child’s 1st birthday is something special…

A time for family and friends to get together and to celebrate your child’s 1st ever birthday party.

Both Makayah’s Mum Anne-Gela Toso and Ezekiel’s Mum Natasha Vaafusuaga both agreed that the best way to celebrate their child’s 1st birthday was with sample sized (smaller cup sizes made specifically for younger kids) Snow Cones, Fairy Floss and Popcorn.

Snow Cone, Fairy Floss And Popcorn Hire Proves To Be A Popular 1st Birthday Idea

Ezekiel was really into Smurf’s and loved his personalised signs!

His party was held at a park and we worked hard to keep up with demand on the day.

Makayah was crazy about Alvin and The Chipmunks which was incorporated into her personalised sign.

She celebrated her 1st birthday at home with a small group of friends and family.

Here is what Anne-Gela Torso (Makayah’s Mum) had to say…

1st birthday ideas

Natasha Vaafusuaga (Ezekiel’s Mum) was just as happy…

“Not only enjoyable for the kids, adults too had a few hehe thanks again guys for the awesome work will definitely be doing business with you guys in the near future!!!”

If you want to get snow cones, fairy floss and popcorn for your kids next 1st birthday party like Anne-Gela and Natasha, here is how you can do it:

Step 1… Download a Snowy Joey Hire Pricing Sheet

Step 2… Pick the “Big Red” Hire Package to get 3 fun foods for your event

Step 3… Call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299 and say you want the “Big Red” Hire Package with snow cones, fairy floss and popcorn

Get My Hire Pricing Sheet Now

If you have already got a Hire Pricing Sheet, call Rosanne (the Owner) on 0433 617 299 to get the same Unlimited Hire Package with snow cones, fairy floss and popcorn as Anne-Gela and Natasha.

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