Naturals Package (6 x 1L Bottles)

Naturals Package (6 x 1L Bottles)

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Perfect if you want all natural flavours (with no artificial colours or flavours).

1 x 1L bottle can make 100 x 100ml or around 50 x 250ml snow cone serves.

If you're a business and sell your snow cones for $4 each, you can make $1,600 sales selling 400 snow cones with this package.

People buy this package because:

  1. You can recreate real, 100% natural Hawaiian-style snow cones to sell to your customers.
  2. We use only the best quality concentrates with a delicious full flavour taste.
  3. We've been making and selling snow cone syrups in Australia since 2006.

You can pick the flavours you want, or if you're not sure add our 4 top-selling flavours to your order:

  • Natural Blueberry
  • Natural Green Apple
  • Natural Grape
  • Natural Pink Lemonade


What is the Best Before Date?

The best before date is 12 months from your purchase date (but this can be extended by up to one year if the syrups are kept cool and refrigerated).

How much does Shipping cost?

Nothing. We have FREE shipping Australia-wide.


Call Rosanne on 0433 617 299.

Customer Testimonials 

Bec Korkos

“The syrups are amazing! Thanks so much! They are really refreshing and truly nicer than the ones I’ve tried here in WA from a snow cone business here. Will definitely be buying more, we’ve already had about 20 snow cones since yesterday with family and friends that have been around and everyone loves them”

Bec Korkos, Snowy Joey Customer
Western Australia

Kathy Lather

“Thank you for your professional service. I would recommend your business to anyone in the future”

Kathy Lather, Event Organiser
Australia Zoo